About Dr. Malanga

Dr. Malanga is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of LaSalle Economics Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in financial market analysis and economic forecasting for industrial organizations and financial institutions. In the 1970s Dr. Malanga began his career as an instructor of economics at Fordham College. He was then affiliated with the Federal Reserve and subsequently various Wall Street Investment Banks. In 1983 Dr. Malanga formed LaSalle Economics. He is a regular speaker for the Professional Farmers Institute as well as many other trade organizations. Dr. Malanga has been a guest lecturer at several universities and he continues as an adjunct economics lecturer at Fordham's Graduate Business School. He has authored numerous studies for the federal government. He is widely quoted in the financial press and other news media. Dr. Malanga has been a principal at several money management firms over the years, specializing in fixed income and the agricultural and energy markets.

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